Work Samples

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Piers Morgan Live:
Steve Wozniak on the NSA data-mining program 6.20.13
Piers Morgan remembers Michael Hastings 6.18.13
Angel Cordero on rescuing Amanda Berry 5.8.13
Valerie Harper’s message 3.12.13
Snoop Lion on his name change 3.8.13
Exclusive: Reeva Steenkamp’s cousin 2.20.13

U.N: Sudan letting some aid groups return after expulsion 6.11.09
Impact Your World-Harlem Children’s Zone 6.25.09
Dial ‘D’ for disappearing 8.10.09

The SMU Daily Mustang
UPDATED: Truck Fire In SAE Lot 3.25.10
UPDATED: Don’t Expect Another Snow Day 2.20.10
VIDEO: Students Get Rowdy at Snowball Fight
Photo Slideshow: Saints Fans Celebrate Historic Win 2.8.10
Prof Runs GOP Debate Focus Group on Campus 1.31.10
SMU Police Classify Student’s Death as “Unexplained” 1.25.10
Fans and SMU Athletics React to Bowl Bid 12.2.09
Arts Blog: Hip-Hop Isn’t All Inappropriate 11.17.09
Politics Blog: Students Meet CNN’s Ed Henry 10.9.09
Freidman, Zakaria, and Gergen speak at Tate Lecture 8.9.09
Flu at SMU: Be Prepared 8.3.09
Inauguration Blog 1.17.09-1.21.09

Dallas Morning News:
Protesters (try) To Speak Out

The Daily Campus:
Cutting Back During Tight Times 11.11.09
Blues legend “Honeyboy” to perform tonight 3.17.09

The 33 News (KDAF):
Rowlett Man Shoots and Kills Estranged Wife 4.23.10

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