Are You Ready To Jump?

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How do you know what is right and good in your life? Thanks to great friends and an even greater God I have come to know Him better over the last year and to come to God in prayer. But it’s hard to find the answers all the time. How do you know when to jump in and throw your all into something? Whether it be a job, a travel adventure, or a new found love.

If a job stays open is it yours for the taking? Or is there a reason it wasn’t right at first?

If your faced with great generosity do you accept or humbly pass on the offer?

When do you throw up your hands and give it to God and how do you know when and how He responds?

As I encourage myself, I encourage you to talk to Him. He just might have some good insight on the plan he has for you and for me.

Are you ready to jump?

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