The Radio Television Digital News Association Annual Conference is kind of like a right of passage for SMU Journalism Seniors. Natalie, Alan, Mackenzie, Nicole, and I were ready to go Vegas, baby! Not only because we wanted to experience the shows but we truly were excited to network, make friends, make memories, and learn a ton while we were at it.

A great thing about the RTDNA conference is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life that are in the media business in some form or another. They are presenters at sessions, fellow participants in a session, and simply other conference goers at RTDNA (or NAB since NAB hosts RTDNA each year.)

On one of our last nights in town we met up with our friend Chris Jarosz, a performer for Cirque de Soleil’s Viva Elvis. Viva Elvis is simply amazing, I recommend anyone and everyone to see it if and when they come to Vegas. Viva Elvis is in the brand new Aria at City Center. We met for a drink but soon after Chris had to go home. He still had four more performances that week and he was starting to feel sick.

The whole point of the introduction to Chris and the Aria is what happened next. Well really it leads to the man we met next. We’ll call him Mr. San Francisco. Mr. San Fran grabbed a seat at the bar soon after Chris left. After making small chat we discovered he was a fellow NAB convention goer. We talked for a while over a bottle of champagne (thank you again Mr. San Fran.) The conversation covered the gamut: social media, websites, the convention, school, journalism, ethics, etc. The snippet that stuck with me the most was our discussion on websites.

Three words Mr. San Fran repeated to us: “own your name, own your name, own your name.” What he means is that everyone should go online (to godaddy.com or another site) and buy your name as a domain. Mr. San Fran stressed it so much he went as far as to threaten me. He said that if I didn’t purchase my domain name by Friday (it was Monday night) that he would buy my name and would only sell it to me for $2000. Two thousand dollars?? Are you kidding me?! He was serious and so was I.

In between RTDNA sessions I logged onto Godaddy.com on Safari on my Iphone and purchased my domain name. You might ask why I didn’t use my Macbook where I could have read the font easier or typed easier. Not only was I a little nervous he was actually going to buy my domain but I also hadn’t paid the $13.95 a day for internet in the hotel. Thus my Iphone became the tool of choice.

Owning a domain name requires a bit more than simply paying the $8.95 a year or whatever it may be for the name. It requires making choices (dot-com, dot-net, etc.) as well as the option of paying more to protect your contact information, pay for someone to build your site, and many other choices.

This blog is, in part, to notify you that I not only officially own my domain name (which I purchased April 11) but it is also an active domain where I am able to promote the work I’ve done and hopefully show you what I can do.

I am more hopeful than ever for the future…the future of news, of my life, of the changing news landscape. It is an exciting time to be a journalist and I am adapting everyday and trying new things.

Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


Side note: If you want to learn more about Chris Jarosz and his journey you can view a video produced by myself and written by Courtney O’Callaghan and Emily Kogan here. Chris’s piece begins around 5:25.

Other note: Once you purchase your domain name you might think you’re in the clear getting away with paying a measly $8.95 or so a year. If you already have a website (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) be prepared to pay extra each year to route your site to the new domain name. Happy ownership!

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