BRU_WALL_MID_SMILE (2)Since I was born I have lived in eight, count ‘em eight, different states!

My heart will always be in Louisiana. My mama grew up in Shreveport where I graduated from high school. I found my second family at the Louisiana Youth Seminar, an amazing week-long seminar for high school juniors and seniors. My passion for journalism began in Elizabeth Harrison’s Broadcast Journalism class at Captain Shreve High School. She passed away in the summer of 2008 after a long battle with cancer. I hope she’s looking down on me and that she knows she helped change my course in life.

I have a passion for hard news and telling other people’s stories. I enjoy discovering what is different in a situation and then figuring out a different way to tell the story. I love helping other people whether by telling a person’s important, compelling story or by taking a task off of someone’s hands. I love visiting new places and trying new things. I’m almost always up for an adventure.

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